The  store is located in Calla Ramón Orozco Gerez, nº11, in Vera, this store opened its doors in December 2019, just before the start of the Pandemic, in an area of ​​new expansion of the Town of Vera, near the famous Terraza Carmona Restaurant and next to the Cuatro Caños School and the new Residence for the Elderly.

Although it seems a short time, this store is the continuation of a long Saga of Merchants, she is the Third Generation of Merchants in Vera, her Grandparents opened a store that became a great reference for the Town of Vera and the neighboring towns, Before the highway improved communications, we are talking about 1942, it was a store where you could find all kinds of garments, household clothes, lingerie, shirts, pants, pajamas, handkerchiefs, towels, sheets, fabrics and a long etc. The store passed into the hands of her aunt who continued with the saga and she began working in said store in 2002, until its closure after the death of the owner.

For this reason, once the journey was finished, she wanted to continue with the family tradition, and set up her own store, adapting to the new needs of the Market and created a store specialized in Male and Female Lingerie, Home Clothes (Sheets, Towels, Bathrobes, , Bedding, Nordic and Comfort Sets, Duvets, Mattress covers ...), Underwear T-shirts, Socks, Stockings, Pajamas (Lady, Men and Children), House Robes, Scarves and Fabrics.

She has been able to keep many of the clientele that she knew from the family store, by continuing to maintain the same entrepreneurial spirit of the Family and the friendly and close treatment that she learned from her Grandparents.

The brands that it has mainly are Clothes made in Spain, such as Trovador, Marie Claire, Playtex, Selmark, Abanderado, Princesa, Avet / Set, Guasch, wanting to sell quality products at reasonable prices, in order to compete with the big franchises of the market.

He tells us as a contrast, for foreigners, how it is striking that even being Vera, a town on the Mediterranean coast, where good weather for most of the year is its great attraction, the sale of Coralina and Flannel Bedding Sets are the best-selling products in home clothes.