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Goyra Ofi

Brand: Goyra Ofi
Munich Lima Cabin Trolley 4-wheel ABS Munich hard case with 360 degree multidirectional turn for easy mobility Inner panel with zipper to separate both sides of the suitcase, and elastic PVC tapes to hold luggage Safety lock with combination and TSA padlock to travel anywhere in the world Asa with p..
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
Double tip: fine tip (stroke approx. 0.8 mm) indicated for accurate and accurate plotting. Wide flexible brush tip (stroke between 0.8 mm and 3.3 mm) that allows you to create different stroke widths according to the pressure exerted...
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
Thick stapler up to 140 sheets. Plastic-coated metal mechanism. ABS anti-lock system with dual-axis loader and spring system. ByPass staple (zig-zag) for stapling small or large amounts of paper without having to change staples. 75mm paper input depth adjustable with paper stop strip. Front opening ..
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
Metal box with 50 different colored pens arranged on two floors. Staedtler Triplus ergonomics system. Long-lasting writing utensils and bright colors. High strength conical fiber tip. Ideal for painting mandalas and artistic and creative drawing...
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
TRIPLUS «FINELINER 334 - Ergonomic triangular design pen for writing without getting tired, ANTISECADO ink: can remain uncovered for days without drying, super-thin metal tip, water-based ink, easily washable in most fabrics, polypropylene body (PP), line width 0.3 mm. Plastic case with 60 pens, ass..
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
Computer support. Allows you to place your computer at a comfortable viewing angle. Helps reduce eyestrain and neck and shoulder tension...
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
Case composed of a gold and black waterman brand pen and mechanical pencil...
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
Multifunction sliding switch with AutoEcoMode position / off / reverse..
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
High-quality materials offer maximum resistance to breakage, excellent lightfastness, exceptional color brilliance, resistance to water and smudging and provide optimal drawing effects. The lead of the Gold Faber colored pencils is adapted to the technique and individual skill of each draftsman...
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
Lot made of two high capacity black cartridges and one tricolor unit...
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
Essential Art set 122 PZAS aluminum Daler Rowney...
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
Transparent case with 120 double-tipped fiber pens in assorted colors. One pen - two tips for thin and thick strokes. Ideal for sketching, drawing, illustrating, writing and coloring. Line Widths - 3.0 mm & 0.5 - 0.8 mm..
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
Compact shear for basic use and leisure. Solid metal table with rounded corners and non-slip rubber legs. Practical handles for safe transport. DIN format lines printed on the table. Ergonomic handle. Steel top blade. Steel bottom blade. Manual pressing. Two angular stops with scale in mm. Reference..
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
Lacquered black wooden case containing a 40-card Fournier deck, a set of 20 Fournier ties in a suede bag and a 50 x 50 x 0.2 mat...
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
With 576 functions. Natural textbook display with V.P.A.M. Solar energy supply with backup battery...
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
Desktop calculator with printer, with a print speed of 3.5 lines/s, 2-color printing system and profit calculation, EURO and tax...
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
Inspired to plasticize. Lightweight and compact Inspire+ A3 plasticizer, perfect for casual home and professional users who need flexibility for creations from ID card sizes to A3 size. Easy to use, with a switch and uses 2x80 micron wallets with output tray for flat finish. Be creative with Inspire..
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Brand: Goyra Ofi
School backpack with wheels with great capacity so that the little ones can carry their books and materials comfortably, avoiding carrying the weight on their back. Includes:-Integrated trolley system with reinforcement at the base of the backpack to prevent friction on the fabric-Organizer with rem..
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