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Accuais Moisturizing Drops Single-dose

Accuais Moisturizing Drops Single-dose
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Accuais Moisturizing Drops Single-dose
Moisturizing drops indicated to lubricate and keep the eye hydrated. They offer immediate relief from the feeling of dryness.
Acuaiss Single Dose Ocular Lubricant is an optical product that includes hyaluronic acid in its composition, an essential component that improves the hydration of the eye by retaining the water in the tear.
They provide immediate relief from the annoying sensation of dry or irritated eyes. Combat itching, redness and even blurred vision. After using these moisturizing drops, your eyes will be relieved and will have a lasting feeling of comfort.
For whom is Acuaiss Single-dose Ocular Lubricant indicated?
Acuaiss Single Dose Ocular Lubricant is a product specially indicated to provide immediate relief from the symptoms associated with dry eyes. They are usually used by adults who perform activities that require straining their eyes, for people who are in loaded or contaminated places, for users with contact lenses, and for special circumstances in which it is advisable to improve the quality of the natural tear of the eye.
How is Acuaiss Single Dose Eye Lubricant applied?
Acuaiss Single Dose Ocular Lubricant is for ophthalmological use so it is applied directly to the eye area. Each box contains 20 units of 0.35 ml each. Pour a drop or two into the affected eye until you notice the symptoms disappear. The process can be repeated as many times as necessary. This solution not only cleanses and hydrates dry and tired eyes, it is also used to keep contact lenses moist during use.
Optician's recommendation on Acuaiss Single-dose Eye Lubricant:
In cases of infection of unknown origin, it is advisable to know that this product does not cure the condition. It serves as a treatment for the relief of discomfort but does not combat the cause that originates them. The content of this product should not be ingested. Before using or handling the product, clean and dry your hands properly to avoid possible contraindications.

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